Australia Day

Australian Flag: Students read information explaining the history and significance of Australia day. A labelled diagram of the Australian flag is also included. Good for classroom display. Free by Becky McPhee

Liz Kucharska illustrates some fun facts about the land down under - Australia.

Fun and Quirky Facts About Australia [Infographic] wanderlust-all-the-places-i-want-to-see

Just a few. Happy Australia Day everyone! I love that Brissie made it on here lol!

How to speak Stralyan : l'argot australien

You say 'Straya instead of Australia. ✮ ✮ #Australia

33 Ways You Know You're Australian

33 Ways You Know You're Australian. I'm Aussie and know all of these :D

Infographic of Australia Fast Facts.

Infographic of Australia Oceania Facts

Why is australia the happiest place to live

Why is australia the happiest place to live (infographic)

Aussie Lingo!

This one is for you Hazel Walker

Australian flag poem

Keep the flag. The Australian flag. Beautiful poem for Anzac Day, by an ex-servicewoman from Cairns, Queensland Australia.

Had a wonderful day today at the Summer Solar BBQ hosted by local Tarragindi resident Gemma as part of the Renewable Energy campaign. Here's a flyer that shares some of the lowdown.