I Quit Sugar: 8-Week Program

The IQS 8 week program! Quitting sugar has changed my life and I would love the support and recipes involved in this program! So Im pinning my fave foods in the hope of getting a spot in the next round:)
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I'm enamoured by this rainbow burger. I have to say I'm the first to kind of steer clear of a veggie burger because I love the satisfaction meat brings to the pallet... but I have been experimenting with chickpeas lately (i.e. my grandmas hummus and falafels) so I'm quite keen on broadening my horizons to this burger... plus who doesn't love grated beetroot and a sweet potato chip in their tum?!

IQS Program - Veggie Burger Burgers and chips are my favourite meal. I've found that Australia has the best burgers--would love to make a healthy version at home!

Pork is so amazing. I tried a pulled pork on kale GF pizza last week and it was divine. Thats why I chose this #iqsrecipe. It looks succulent and wholesome and is covered with a multitude of colours which is a total buzz for me... nothing worse than eating in the yellow, beige and brown colour groups... which is almost everything you could buy at a fast food chain!

These IQS Program - Pulled Pork Korean Tacos are a recipe you would be dying to show off! Healthy food isn't boring, can't wait to choose this for my next dinner party :)

Now I have to say I have tried Amy Ruth's Soul Food in Harlem NYC so I have high standards when it comes to fried chicken vibes... must be crunchy, a bit fatty, and moist as morning dew. This recipe has all of that but without the worry of polyunsaturated or trans fats! #everybiteiswinning

Who needs a greasy pub meal when this is on offer, saying good buy to my old fashion chicken schnitzel and hello to dukkah crusted chicken

Satay is one of those no-no's I have developed since quitting sugar. Im so excited this recipe exists! I LURVE me some satay and chicken when wrapped in a parcel is kind of the best surprise ever. That and a surprise ukulele flash mob... I'd like to see that.

IQS Program - Chicken Parcels with Satay Dipping Sauce. Great to have a lovely finger food that is not drenched in a sugary marinade or sauce.

MEEEEEAT! I love that @IQuitSugar.com embraces the meat AND the fat! What a relief to be respecting the animal by using their entirety for my nutrition... also so satisfying so why bother trimming the fat? NOT trimming the fat will more than likely trim YOUR fat. so get your lips around this!

IQS Program - Deconstructed Hamburger in a Bowl. I love the fillings in hamburgers but avoid eating them as I find the bun too heavy. I never thought of having it in a bowl!

Ok so this food is where i go "that looks too hard to cook and would be made of too many ingredients and mine would never look like that"... thing is, i trust this @Sarah Wilson chick. She writes these recipes and everything I have tried so far has worked so I'm a bit excited at the thought that I could make this... GIMME THE RECIPE IQS! #iqsforlife

IQS Program - Sweet Potato and Black Bean Quesadilla - Mexican food is a firm favourite of mine! A real comfort food with my favourite sweet potatoes!

Now halloumi is one of my all time favourite cheeses ever since my friend Calvin demonstrated its genius by BBQing long sticks of it and as we nibbled I was instantly entertained by the squeaky sound it made against my saliva soaked teeth! This recipe combines the best of the legume world and the best of dairy... yum!

Halloumi, fresh beet root and rocket. Impress the crowd with this one. no matter how crappy your day at work you could look forward to this for lunch in your break. A delicious pomegranate sugar free dressing would work well on this.

OMG I once loved the granola clusters you could get in the sugary cereal isle... I didn't even know I could make such a treat with no sugar... crunch with goo... no better combination for breaky!

I chose the IQS Program - Coco-Nutty Granola because its so moreish! Great idea for both breakfast and a snack on the go! Going to keep a little baggy in my purse for low blood sugar crisis'!

I really want to try pickling my own veggies... I think this recipe would be the perfect way to sample my new creations!

IQS Program - Asian Noodle Salad with Pickled Vegetables. Pickled vege good for the gut, great lunch option!