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two polar bears cuddle together in the snow
A Mother's Love
Polar kisses
a dog and two cats sitting on top of each other with a bird perched on their head
An All-Inclusive Family Portrait
Family Portrait
a large black gorilla holding its baby in it's arms and looking at the camera
Earth-song: Family By Dana Allen
a baby lion cub is playing with an elephant's tail in the grass,
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Best toy? Mom’s tail by Steven Wheeler
two owls sitting on top of a tree branch next to each other with their eyes closed
Ural Owl mama loving her baby
the baby giraffe is nursing from its mother
Beauty Rendezvous
Giraffe Family
an adult wolf and baby are cuddling together
lupi zoo di berlino
a black and white photo of a wolf with its head on another wolf's back
Wolf kiss
a baby lamb is laying next to its mother in the hay with her ducklings
** You and me.
an adult wolf standing next to a baby bear on top of a dirt ground with trees in the background