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This is her Self harm jar: Each time somebody re-pins this she'll put ur name or ur @ name in the jar, each time she feels the need to cut or self harm she'll pull a name out, remember that person and not cut, PIN THIS TO UR MOST POPULAR BOARD TO KEEP THIS GIRL FROM SELF HARMING AND KEEPING HER STRONG!<-- cmon guys!!!

self harm jar: when anyone pins this picture I will add your name into the jar. Every time I feel the urge to cut I will pull out a name and message you thanking you for keeping me strong.>>>>>this isn't for me,it's for another girl

This is so sad!

This is so sad! I want to kick the living shit out of all those losers that abuse animals. And yes anyone that beats a defenseless animal is a LOSER! I hate people!

The boys need to see this!!! Repin please! It doesn't take that long to repin so please repin it!!!

Spread it everywhere! Even if you are not a directioner! spread it fast like a faster.spread it faster than girlfriend rumors!>>I'm not a direction we, but I want this little girls dream to come true

CALLING ALL PRAYER WARRIORS!!! ***Please keep  Jaxon Strong in your prayers!!! Get updates on FB. Please share and keep this prayer chain going!!! Thanks and God bless you!!! <3

What a beautiful child! CALLING ALL PRAYER WARRIORS! ***Please keep Jaxon Strong in your prayers! Please share and keep this prayer chain going! Thanks and God bless you!