my design ethos: "The Block" - Bathrooms & Laundries

not many examples of combined bathroom/laundry. like: simple bench, storage, 'built-in' machines. dislike: obviously I can't have a door to separate.

I think I just peed myself. And then I cried. It's a stove, an oven, and a dishwasher ALL IN ONE! Damn Europeans get all the awesome stuff.

Candy Trio consists of oven, hob and dishwasher. Only 60 cm wide, this smart compact appliance provides you with the solution for a small kitchen, Read

Is ironing a hassle for you? That's because you haven't met this innovative In-Wall Ironing Board.

In-Wall Ironing Board

pull-out broom storage with shelving units for house-cleaning supplies

Best of DIY Home Decor: Everyone needs a broom closet; here the brooms, mops and cleaning supplies are very efficiently housed in a narrow pullout cabinet. Everything is handy and accessible, much easier to grab than from underneath the sink.

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