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two pictures of a woman holding a purse in one hand and the other with an open pocket on the other
The WHOot
Denim Jeans Bag Pattern Easy DIY Video Tutorial
an old pair of jeans is being used to make a messenger bag with a removable denim strap
Denim Messenger Bag
The Denim Messenger Bag! This tutorial is the perfect way to put old jeans to good use.
two pictures of the same purse with different patterns on it, one is green and the other is black | Express Your Creativity!
A versatile, foldover clutch that is ideal for both casual and formal events. A magnetic snap holds the shape of the bag, folded perfectly in place, and a concealed back zippered pocket keeps your small items secure. Get the free pattern at Craftsy!
a woman holding a purse made out of fabric and sewing material with the words shelby satchel on it | Express Your Creativity!
Shelby Satchel Purse Pattern | Craftsy
Stylish Backpack | Tote Backpack, Backpack Pattern, Backpack, Bag, Pouch
Stylish Backpack
Stylish Backpack |
a red, white and black tote bag sitting on top of a wooden floor
Red Canvas Tote Bag - Black Waxed Canvas Base - Handmade Dotted Canvas Front Pockets - Black Leather Straps - Black Dotted Lining - Everyday
four different views of a bag with yellow and black straps on the front, side, and back
Rectangular Backpack Sewing Tutorial
Backpack sewing tutorial
two bags are hanging on the wall next to each other, one has a tea towel in it
Tea Towel Tote Tutorial
Tea towel totes - plus how to get a flat bottom
a blue and yellow flowered bag hanging from a hook on a wall next to a wooden coat rack
Project – Pillowcase Tote Bag
zippered pillow case tote
a colorful bag hanging on a brick wall
rock the tote
Cute and easy tote bag. I'm making both boys their own for this summer to carry their own stuff in!
a purse is sitting on the floor next to a wall
stitch by stitch review: reversible tote
Love this reversible tote with a flat bottom! Want to make!
a multicolored bag sitting on top of a wooden table next to yarn and knitting needles
Crafty Tote
This tote is a terrific take-along to a sewing retreat or knitting get-together.