art . saltwater
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the palm trees are shown in black and white
black and white photograph of waves on the beach with four different frames to show them
an image of a person holding a surfboard in front of the camera with other images below it
a woman laying on top of a body of water
a bunch of dried flowers hanging from the side of a blue wall in a room
a large white flower hanging from a wall next to a gray wall with no leaves on it
a table with two vases and a painting on the wall above it next to a lamp
art is displayed on the wall next to a vase with flowers in it and other artwork
a painting hanging on the wall in front of a black framed artwork piece with white and blue paint
there are many bowls that have been stacked on top of each other
there are vases and paintings on the table with flowers in each one's pots
a man riding a wave on top of a surfboard in the ocean next to rocks
two framed pictures on the wall next to each other with water and land in them