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You can listen to a recording of this post, just scroll to the bottom of this post. Sometimes it’s common sense and sometimes it’s not. Despite that common sense we’ve all supposedly been given, I’…

6 things you shouldn’t say to, or in front of, your foster/adopted child

You can listen to a recording of this post, just scroll down to the bottom of this page and don some earbuds. :) “My child doesn’t respond to consequences, I can take away anything and he doesn’t c…

why consequences & rewards don’t work for hurting children (adoption/foster)

Bald and Beautiful! I want to love myself completely so that I have the confidence to shave all my hair off.

Joe held the picture in his hands, trying not to cry. And when the cancer started to go I thought. I thought that was it." he stammered, then buried his face in his hands.


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No matter how many time they try to tell you with more than just their words that you are not beautiful. Do not for a second believe them, and never ever cast someone aside because you cannot find their beauty the moment you look at them.

Her soul died 3 years later at age At age 14 she's dying and suffering. I would kill 7 year old me because that was the last truly happy memory I have. I can't really remember true joy

If you cannot be a poet, be the poem.

It's amazing how wonderful words can connect and become the best we've ever heard at certain times in our lives. "Wanderer"July This is absolutely one of the most beautiful poems I have ever read!