Raspberry and ricotta cake

Raspberry & Ricotta Cake - Conventional Method

This is by far my favourite cake ever! Every time it's my birthday, I request this Thermomix Raspberry & Ricotta Cake (or actually I usually make it myself! It's so perfect on it's own. but I love it warmed up with a little ice-cream or cream too!

An easy #Thermomix #Sourdough #Recipe by a beginning baker :)

How to make a sourdough loaf (using a thermomix) by an absolute rank amateur

Thermomix Beetroot, Fet and Spinach Tart. Great recipe for a light and healthy dinner.

Thermomix Beetroot Feta Tart

Make this delicious Thermomix Beetroot Feta Tart at home for the whole family. It is a healthy recipe that is easy to prepare in your Thermi.

Roast Chook Thermy Style! | Thermovixens

It was the Soy Sauce Chicken from the asian recipe book – she said it was beautiful and…

Making Ricotta Cheese is EASY! I love this recipe. The cheese can be made on the stover or in the Thermomix. #Thermomix #cheese #ricotta

Homemade Ricotta Cheese

Making Ricotta Cheese is EASY! The cheese can be made on the stover or in the Thermomix. (Cheese Making)

#Recipes for #homemade quince paste for #Thermomix TM5 :)

Thermomix Quince Paste recipes for TM5 and TM31

Top sites for Thermomix recipes and resources TM5 & TM31

Top Thermomix recipe sites for cook using TM5 & TM31

The Ultimate Nut Butter - My three favourite butters are almond, pecan & walnut and combined with the caramel flavours of dates, the sweetness of cinnamon and the creamy coconuty goodness of coconut oil this nut butter is much cheaper to make and so much better than anything you can buy - Deliciously Ella

The Ultimate Nut Butter - Almonds, pecans & walnuts combined with the caramel flavor of dates and the sweetness of cinnamon Deliciously Ella

Thermomix Whole Orange Cake

This is one of my go to cake recipes that I have used for years in a food processor and adapted to the tmx. It is so quick and easy and more importantly, super moist. Great with cream cheese frosting

Make my Gluten Free & Dairy Free Sticky Figgy Gingerbread Loaf this holiday season (it makes the perfect edible gift)!

A healthy dairy free gluten free gingerbread cake with figs that is sticky, moist and a perfect DIY Christmas gift or holiday gift idea.

Go for it! #Thermomix #TM5 Almond cashew nut butter #recipe

Thermomix Almond Cashew Nut Butter Recipe

make your own thermomix almond butter. we also have some delicious recipes for you to try with your almond cashew butter made in the thermomix.