Fairy Bread Christmas Tree

Crochet Volkswagen Bus Free Pattern

Australian Christmas tea towel: sums up an authentic aussie Christmas day for us!!

An Australian Chrissy tea towel

An Australian Chrissy tea towel. Celebrating our unique Christmas traditions. By My Wooden Heart at Hard to Find.

Rest of the world has reindeer, Australia has snow white kangaroos

Quick, before Americans wake up post pictures of Santa from different countries.

Santa and sleigh, delivering presents to Australia children, with his six white boomers (white kangaroos). Thank you dear Becky.


Unique Australian Christmas cards showing the reality of Christmas in the Summer - the outback, tropics, surfing beach, prawns on the bbq, cricket.

Aussie Christmas

It doesn't get more Australian than beach cricket with the kids on Bondi beach. Be sure to join the animal crew and get on board with this tradition.

Christmas in Sydney, Australia

Sydney, Australia // How many Santas can you fit in a speedboat? No, it's not a joke - just part of Australia's Christmas celebration in Sydney Harbour!