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Undeniable Glitter: Breeze Infinity Scarf

This lace weight yarn crochets up into a delicate, lacy shell pattern. The scarf is so light, making it perfect for spring, especially with .

Crochet a cozy cabled pillow the easy way. Free pattern....Rather than using post stitches or other difficult stitches to create cables, this pillow is made using only single crochet and chain stitches. Chain loops are made and then looped together to create a braid type cable.

This cozy Crocheted Cable Loop Pillow is made by crocheting chain loops and connecting them together, an easier way to crochet cables.

Crochet coaster free pattern

** My favorite coasters to make! -K Crochet coaster free pattern - a vintage coaster, the original pattern link has been broken on several websites, but I found a photo tutorial for making them.