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Samantha Parnham
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Caps for Sale by Esphyr Slobodkina.  Oh those naughty monkeys.

Caps for Sale A Tale of A Peddler, Some Monkeys, and Their Monkey Business (Book) : Slobodkina, Esphyr : A band of mischievous monkeys steals every one of a peddler's caps while he takes a nap under a tree.


Patterns in nature. Photographer Bill Adams captured some incredible photos of a white zebra named Zoe. She is extremely rare, her unusual color is due to her having amelanosis. She has beautiful gold stripes and blue eyes.


A compilation of the best Sylvia Plath quotes, poems, words and sayings. I love quotes and this famous poet is special in my hub hub. Sylvia Plath, one of the best poets ever! What’s interesting to do during rainy days…snogging and cuddling.