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an outdoor market with people shopping for fruits and vegetables
food market in Apia.
people are walking through an open market area
Samoa 2006
Apia Craft Market
people are shopping at an outdoor market with many bags and containers full of food on display
Keke Saiga (Chinese cookies) at the Fugalei Markets, Apia, Samoa. I liked the expressions of the 3 subjects in the mid-ground.
a man sitting at a table filled with fish on it's sides and another person standing next to him
Fish market in Apia | A charming town that represents Samoa as its Capital, Apia Samoa is a populated town that is situated north coast of Upolu. Described as a sultry verdant island that lies in the center of pacific, Samoa became independent in 1962 and was then called as Western Samoa. It is a small town that offered contrasting lifestyle that highlighted the westernization impact. Apia Town has preserved their ancient culture and tradition which continues to flourish until now.
a woman sitting at a table filled with lots of green leaves and vegetables in baskets
Apia Fresh Produce Markets Information
there are many different colored shirts on display
Apia, Samoa
Quinn in American Samoa: Apia, Samoa | The market - gorgeous puletasi's hanging from the ceiling.
there are many items for sale at this market
Apia Flea Markets Information , Samoa
people are standing around with umbrellas and bananas
New sheltered market opens in Samoa.
an aisle in a grocery store filled with lots of food and drink cans on the shelves
Welcome Pictures from Samoa
super market in samoa.
a man standing in front of a store filled with lots of bracelets and necklaces
Pacific Island Holiday | Official Guide
Samoa Tourism Authority : Apia Markets.
a woman sitting in front of a pile of fish
Samoa Apia market women fishmonger.
there are many bunches of bananas on the ground next to each other in baskets
SailBlog: Flight of the Cactus Wren / Radio Flyer
Bananas and coconuts are just two of the tropical fruits for sale at the local cultural market next to the bus station downtown.
a woman sitting in front of a table filled with fish
Fish Market Sole - 072903
Fish market at Samoa.
an outdoor market with colorful cloths hanging from the ceiling
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Market Samoa Island.
people are shopping at an outdoor market with bananas and other fruits on tables in front of them
SIT Study Abroad
Marketplace in Samoa.