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The main living area. The home is flanked on the east by a precipitous mountain range named The Remarkables. In summer, the weather gets hot enough for the family to go swimming and boating. Photo by: Stephen Oxenbury

Great place for a hot cup of something aromatic and a pad and pencil. by cherie

Separate bed from the rest of the room by placing curtains in front, makes for a cosy little space

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With its square feet of living space and convenient location on a lot of acres in Park City, Utah, United States, this remarkable equestrian and

This kitchen! I love all the the view, the countertop but.LOVE, LOVE the floor!

Eclectic Home Theater with Carpet, Acoustic wall panel, Pental - empress green polished marble, Wall sconce, Columns

Perfect Master Bathroom Floor Plans with Shower: Awesome Contemporary Bathroom Interior Designed With Unique Hexagonal Ceiling And Skylight .

Today we are having the pleasure to tour this amazing home located in El Cerrito, California. El Cerrito is a humble place located on the eastern shore of the San Francisco Bay.

Such a beautiful view! Lots of windows to take in those magestic mountains! A great place to lay next to your beloved and bask together in the beautiful surroundings! That tv would never be on while I was occupying the room!