Maree Homer {eclectic vintage scandinavian modern dining rom with black walls} by recent settlers luv paint job on room design decorating decorating interior design

Inspiration board

Plank of wood used as an inspiration/mood board – simple idea that turns any area into a workspace

White card catalog/dresser

thebowerbirds: Source: Le Souk I have a thing for wiry and see through items and furniture. This bamboo pendant light hits the spot. It’s from Le Souk. Make sure you check it out!

Vosgesparis --- as seen from above. Cool idea: Paint old door/board etc. with chalkboard paint and use it as table top.

Left wood colum is a good idea of how we can break up space. Some contrast with the dark wood and white brick looks nice and defines spaces.

This stellar workspace is from a home built in 1955 in Gentofte, Denmark and designed by Danish architect Erik Chr. Sørensen.

Wood wall, blue chair desk space - nice cozy home office, reminiscent of lake house. Wood panelling keeps the office space mature and focused.

Mesa de dos hojas

Vintage door transformed into a work table- one of a kind Manoteca Indoor table/ desk

Pentagram with Razor Productions designed and fabricated a 15-foot-tall brass map. With intersecting brass beams and weathered bolts, the installation incorporates pieces of green oxidized copper to represent the High Line and other nearby parks. Local hot spots are marked by a series of die-cut metal discs.

The sales center features a brass map sculpture depicting the surrounding streetscape.