Homemade Salt Cured Olives - Oh, The Things We'll Make!

Homemade Salt Cured Olives

Homemade Salt Cured Olives- My favorite way to prepare fresh olives

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How To Brine Olives

EGG METHOD: Fresh green olives are picked by hand in October in Turkey, so this month is the ideal month to cure green olives.Brine-curing is very easy to make!

Black olives in a bowl

how to cure black and green olives. Soak in unsalted water, changed every day - 4 days for black, 6 days for green.

Until few months ago, raw green olives scared me. They were not brined, they were not marinated, they required months in the making and, if something was to go wrong, all work and waiting would be …

home made mediterranean preserved olives - just started this process so this is for reference

Cured Olives with lemon and garlic

Cured Olives with lemon and garlic

Can't wait to start Curing my own olives with lemon and garlic.

A bowl of raw olives(foreground) and a bowl of olives being cured in brine (background) - Roger Stowell / Getty Images

Greek-Style Ripe Olives