This easy MILO SLICE is the perfect dessert for Milo lovers, chocolate addicts too

Milo slice is slightly chewy, and has a chocolatey taste from the Milo. It’s great on it’s own or decorated with icing. I topped mine with a basic chocolate icing, and drizzled melted white chocolate over the top.

Milo Slice: Chewy and delicious.

Milo Slice

Milo Slice: Chewy and delicious. Refrigerate then cut otherwise it's crumbly :)

A recipe that mimics Milo's Sweet Tea.  I can make sweet tea, but this has the exact proportions to taste like Milo's ... I'm game to try it.

Southern Style Sweet Iced Tea: Cheap and Delicious!

Milo Muffins - double chocolate! | The Worktop

Chocolatey Milo Muffins made with the popular Nestle& Milo drink. These double chocolate muffins are hearty, delicious and addicting!

Milo's Sweet Tea & Lemonade Chicken

This recipe for Milo's Sweet Tea and Lemonade Chicken is a crowd pleaser! Just 30 minutes of preparation and you can be enjoying it too!