Sloped lot back deck - look at flush deck to house & planter "walls" integrated into steps. (Ipe deck and planters, mahogany pergola.)

Backyard deck with built in planters and steps to lower level. Great use of space if you have a sloped yard.

pavers in the courtyard | Since they're salt resistant, they are particularly suitedto backyards ...

Coloured pebbles are used to great effect in between large format pavers. Do this to “extend” the tiny patio area into the grassy lawn front and back-less mud and more stable area for container gardening.


Most of us have that dead side yard at our house. You know the one, where nothing grows, you throw the bins…

If ever I live in an apartment :)

Even if you have a small yard, you still design a small patio that will be functional for entertaining, relaxing, and living, as well as beautiful. Use these design ideas if you want turn a tiny place behind your house into something cozy and relaxing.