Easter Weekend Pasta Recipes

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a pan filled with pasta and shrimp on top of a table
Fideua Pasta Paella
an image of easter weekend pasta recipes
Easter Lunch Pasta Recipes
Find a collection of recipes perfect for the Easter Long weekend when celebrating with friends and family! Find various seafood and meat free dishes for Good Friday plus other great BBQ lunch salad and pasta dinners for the rest of the weekend
a white plate topped with spaghetti and sauce next to a stack of pizza doughs
Prawn Fra Diavola Pasta
layered rainbow pasta salad in a glass dish
Layered Rainbow Pasta Salad
a bowl filled with food on top of a white table next to an orange and green leafy salad
Roast Pumpkin Moroccan CousCous Salad
pasta with pesto, salmon and asparagus on a white plate next to lemons
Pesto & Salmon Linguine
one pot prawn risoi with mussels and chorizo
One Pot Prawn, Mussel & Chorizo Risoni
the cover of wagon wheel bbq salad with pesto and bacon is shown here
Wagon Wheel Pesto Salad
the cover of spaghetti von gole on a wooden table
Spaghetti Vongole
a white bowl filled with pasta and broccoli on top of a wooden table
Spelt Pasta Superfood Salad
the cover of spicy garlic prawn fettuccine is shown in a white bowl
Spicy Garlic Prawn Fettuccine
a plate of spaghetti with tomatoes and garlic next to some parmesan cheese sticks
Seafood White Wine Spaghetti
a white plate topped with salad covered in meat and veggies on top of it
Superfood CousCous Salad
a white plate topped with pasta and clams on top of a blue wooden table
Simple Bianco Marinara Spaghetti