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Are you busy but still want to indulge yourself with some yummy recipes? Check out our latest quick inspirations!
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Chicken & Corn Mac'n'Cheese
Easy peasy Chicken & Corn Mac'n'Cheese! This dish is a great and easy family meal for when you've got left over roast chicken and a few pantry staples! Just cook your pasta and then mix all the ingredients together, then bake! 😋
Bowties Antipasto Salad
What's better than an Antipasto Cheese Platter 🤔 Antipasto Pasta of course!! 🧀🍝 Our Bowties Antipasto Salad is simple to put together, ready in only 15 minutes, and is oh so flavorful! With antipasto staples, cheeses, meats, and pasta all tossed in an Italian dressing it is the perfect combination of flavours for these warm summer nights 😍
Festive Greens Pasta Salad
Get into the Christmas spirit with our Festive Greens Pasta Salad🎄 It's the perfect salad for those warm summer nights entertaining with family and friends. Think fresh crunchy greens mixed with a creamy avocado and basil dressing, topped with dukkah for crunch!
Pearl CousCous with Roasted Mixed Tomatoes
Tomatoes + Feta = an all time flavour combo! We've paired them this time with our Pearl CousCous to make a delicious salad perfect for entertaining this summer! 🍅☀
Honeycomb Pasta Bake
Pasta like you've never had before! Created by Rainbow Nourishments this Honeycomb Pasta Bake is the perfect way to take your dinners to the next level. 🤩 Loaded with a rich tomato-based sauce and topped with a creamy cheese sauce and pesto, this recipe will have everyone coming back for seconds! 🍅🧀
Tubular Spaghetti with Chilli Prawns
As the weather gets warmer it's a perfect time to try a light and fresh seafood pasta! Our Tubular Spaghetti with Chilli Prawns is just that plus it's ready in under 20 minutes🌶🦐🍝
Fibre Fest with Chilli Green Beans & Pancetta
Dinner time just got a whole lot tastier with our Fibre Fest Green Beans & Pancetta recipe! It's packed full of fresh spring flavours and is ready in under 15 minutes 🍋🌶 It also has the added benefit of prebiotic fibre to help support a happier, healthier gut thanks to our Fibre Fest Penne 💚 San Remo Fibre Fest contains prebiotic fibre, is gluten free, a good source of protein and has 25% less carbs than regular pasta ✅ Find our Fibre Fest in Coles and Independent Supermarkets
15 minute Curly Pasta Chicken Soup
This warming chicken pasta soup is not only delicious but super quick and easy to make!
Tuna Nicoise Ready Pasta Salad
Leap into spring with our quick and easy Tuna Nicoise Pasta Salad 🥗 It's made with our Ready Pasta Penne which is fully cooked and ready to eat after just 90 seconds in the microwave, so it's perfect for a quick lunch on the go!
Protein Mexican Pasta Chips
These aren’t just any pasta chips, they’re low carb, high protein and vegan friendly pasta chips thanks to our Pasta Pro Penne. Air dried these are a delicious and easy snack and perfect for dipping in fresh guacamole.
Baked Ricotta, Tomato & Chickpea Pasta
Move over Feta Pasta and say hello to our supercahrged protein packed Baked Ricotta, Tomato & Chickpea Pasta
Curly Lasagna with Chicken, Mushroom & Kale
Mexican Pasta
Mexican meets Italian in this mouth-watering recipe! Mix things up and put a Mexican twist on your pasta this week with our Mexican Beans and Curls Pasta Recipe 😍
Vegan Baked Feta Pasta with Basil Pesto and Spinach
Lemon, Tuna & Caper Spaghetti 🍋🍝