Pure Blonde beer ad

Cool ad for Pure Blonde beer

Carlton Draught Ad - Flashbeer

Inspired by the movie Flashdance from this commercial for Carlton Draught beer is a gut buster! When told he’s not good enough to work for the company, this dude unleashes a triumphant dance victory over The Man.

Castle Lager Ad 'The Journey'

Castle Lager Ad 'The Journey'

Funny L Stubbies TV Ad - New Zealand

A great New Zealand L&P TV ad. Lemon & Paeroa is a soft drink only available in NZ.

Windhoek Lager TV ad, keep it real!

Windhoek Lager TV ad, keep it real!

Tui beer TV ad - Wise mise

Takes 2 mice 2 take d cheese

Amazing Carlton Beer ad, Its so BIG!!

This is the BIG Australian Beer Ad for Carlton Draught from way back in BIG BEER lyrics were added to the classic melody of "O Fortuna" from Carl Orff'.

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