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a man standing in front of a book shelf with books on it and a wooden box next to him
SET Praga CF: Checkout station on wheels VC-06-W-CF and 1 or 2 display shelves VS-03-CF | coffee color | booth set up - SET A / with cases
Description A set of display furniture consisting of a compact counter on wheels with internal shelves and a personalized front, and 1 or 2 shelves with an upper personalized sign.This set is a good choice if you present products mainly on shelves, but you need a small space for a POS terminal, marketing materials, personal belongings, and inventory. Thanks to the wheels, the counter is easy to move around the stand.The furniture is easy to assemble and disassemble on your own, requires no tools
an image of a kiosk display with various products on it and a man standing next to it
Permanent Displays
Permanent Displays by Jonathan Solomon at
a wooden shelf with three shelves on each side
MoDRN Scandinavian Finna Ladder Bookcase
MoDRN Scandinavian Finna Ladder Bookcase Walmart
a wooden shelf with three different colored containers on it's bottom and two shelves below
Wooden 3-Tier Slanted Angle Countertop Display
Wooden 3-Tier Slanted Angle Countertop Display. This counter top display rack is capable of holding a variety of items ranging from jewelry, cosmetics and herbs and spices for the kitchen to kids' collectible figures. The added inclined angle on each shelf will prevent items from tipping over and keep them secure and in place! Add convenience and organization to any living space with our display rack! * Easy assembly with no tools required. * Made with high quality birch plywood. * 3-tiers. * Pe