Paleo Veggie Bread via @iquitsugar

Paleo Veggie Bread

* Please keep in mind this nutrient-dense Paleo Veggie Bread will not rise like traditional loafs. We prefer to toast each slice of veggie bread before eat

Simple Pumpkin Salad via @iquitsugar

Simple Pumpkin Salad

Our I Quit Sugar Simple Pumpkin Winter Salad is so delicious! – I Quit Sugar

Mexican Chicken and Sweet Potato Boats via @iquitsugar

Mexican Chicken and Sweet Potato Boats

I Quit Sugar - Mexican Chicken and Sweet Potato Boats. Added grilled onions and black beans and corn.

Slow Cooker Muesli Slice via @iquitsugar

Slow Cooker Muesli Slice

Chicken Tikka Masala via @iquitsugar

Chicken Tikka Masala

This Chicken Tikka Masala is filled with nourishing spices and served with some steamed greens, making it a healthy recipe that your whole family will love.

Vietnamese Slaw via @iquitsugar

Vietnamese Slaw

Full of fresh and beautifully coloured vegetables, this Vietnamese Slaw will keep you cool in those warm summer nights.

Bolognese Style Mushroom Ragu via @iquitsugar

Bolognese Style Mushroom Ragu

This bolognaise-style mushroom ragu recipe is exactly what you need on a chilly winters eve.

Blood Orange Cupcakes via @iquitsugar

Blood Orange Cupcakes

Blood oranges not only make desserts pop with colour, they also have a divine berry-like flavour. Here, we've baked the orange segments to intensify the flavour and topped them on a nutty, gluten-free cupcake that'll happily please a crowd! – I Quit Sugar

Turmeric Protein Bark via @iquitsugar

Turmeric Protein Bark

This Turmeric Macadamia Bark recipe is one of the easiest healthy snacks you’ll ever make, and the perfect post-gym treat. Here are 3 reasons why…

Raw Pad Thai with Kaffir Lime via @iquitsugar

Raw Pad Thai with Kaffir Lime

Raw Pad Thai with Kaffir Lime IQuitSugar - cook veggie noodles, sub coconut aminos for tamari, omit rice malt syrup