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Sarah Backholer

Sarah Backholer
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Robin Hood cake! Robin Hood is one of my all-time fav legends.

Robin Hood’s hat cake with matching mini cupcakes for a 5 year olds birthday! The hat was a rainbow cake carved into shape, the mini cupcakes were vanilla and topped with wanted posters, targets, bow and arrows and coin purses – enjoy!

Through My Front Window: Target Pull-Pinata - Robin Hood Birthday!

A is way into Robin Hood, so we planned him a Robin Hood Birthday party! I thought a piñata would be fun, and he thought a target piña.

How to Make a Peter Pan or Robin Hood Hat

Continuing the theme from yesterday's post, today is a tutorial on how to make a simple (but completely enchanting) felt Peter Pan/Robin Hood hat. I made these dashing caps for One Stone Event's clever Feathers and Arrows fairy tale mash-up party.