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Sarah Ledger

Sarah Ledger
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Thank YOU for making the world a better place! #GetInvolved #VolunteerAppreciationWeek

April is National Volunteer Week – here's to all volunteers, those dedicated people who give selflessly of their time, talent and treasures, and expect nothing in return but a better world for everyone else.

Yo soy el Presidente del Club de voluntarios. Yo ayudar a los jóvenes construir la comunidad y voluntario.

Community News and Information related to Private nonprofit organizations whose primary purpose is to promote the practice of charitable giving and volunteering or to represent and serve a wide range of philanthropic and charitable institutions.

Teacher Appreciation Ideas

My responsibilities of my dream job is to provide these students with a safe learning environment meaning a place where there they feel comfortable to express and be in and also have the right to pass to anything that makes them feel uncomfortable.

a great infographic showing millenials desire to give back to the community through workplace volunteerism.

Employee Volunteering Brings in Happiness. A study by Deloitte on millennials' connections between workplace volunteerism activities and employee engagement.