Master bath...This is the most intriguing master bath renovations I have ever seen.  Had to post this just so others could see.  Amazing and curious!!

This was listed as a master bath.but I think it's an indoor pool.master bath or indoor pool?

Great bathroom

Nothing screams Paris quite like the combination of black and white stripes with antique-inspired metallics.The master bath's nickel-and-brass tub is century, and the chair is by Honoré Paris from Galerie Yves Gastou; the wall stripes are painted.

swimming pool pavilion

visit the doris duke estate/museum! (Doris Duke's swimming pool pavilion at Shangri La, Hawaii).

Alhambra. Granada Spain. Moorish Architecture. (1333–1353)

Exquisite architectural detail at La Alhambra in Granada, Spain Alhambra Palace, Granada, Spain by wamcclung

Copper in the kitchen

Warehouse style Industrial Kitchen, with exposed copper pipes, concrete wall and marble worktops