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two pictures showing different types of food being served in bowls with chopsticks and forks
Vegan Pad Thai with Tofu - Six Hungry Feet
Vegetarian Pad Thai with Tofu
a white plate topped with tofu and rice next to chopsticks
Vegan Panang Curry with Tofu & Vegetables
Vegan Panang Curry with Tofu & Vegetables
vegan thai yellow curry in a white bowl with a wooden spoon next to it
Vegan Thai Yellow Curry - Six Hungry Feet
a bowl filled with lentils and carrots next to another bowl full of potatoes
Skillet Potato Recipe with Lentils and Carrots - Vegan Hash
Cheesy Protein Pasta
Cheesy Protein Pasta (Vegan & Gluten-free) - healthy gluten-free pasta in cheese sauce that is very high in plant-protein. Made using lentils, beans and seeds. Nutritional yeast gives vitamin b12 and a cheesy taste to this dairy free meal #vegan #protein #healthy #veganrecipe
Stir Fry, Asian Soup Noodle, Vegetable Noodle Soup, Tofu Soup, Vegan Soups, Curry Soup, Tofu Thai Curry, Thai Curry Soup
Asian-Inspired Vegan Tofu Noodle Curry Soup
spicy tofu with coconut 🥥 sauce ❤️😍
Caribbean Tofu Recipe
Chickpea salad sandwich
vegan food
vegan japanese curry in a bowl with rice and vegetables
Vegan Japanese Curry with Fried Tofu
This vegan Japanese curry is pure comfort in a bowl! Made with chunks of carrots, potatoes, peas and fried tofu in a flavor-packed sauce, it's a delicious meal that's super satisfying and easy to make!
a white bowl filled with rice and vegetables on top of a table next to limes
10-Ingredient Tofu Curry
Try this 10-ingredient tofu curry for a quick, easy, and satisfying weeknight dinner! It’s packed with Thai-style seasonings and vibrant veggies bathed in a creamy coconut broth. Serve it with jasmine rice and fresh herbs for a healthy yet comforting dish. #tofucurry #vegancurry #veganmaindishes
vegan and gluten free hot honey recipe in a glass jar with a spoon
Vegan Hot Honey - Earthly Provisions
There are 2 pictures showing a vegan tofu buffalo burger. Vegan Fast Food, Tofu Burger, Vegan Burgers, Buffalo Tofu, Tofu Sandwich, Meatless
Vegan Buffalo Tofu Burgers
Crispy oven-baked tofu tossed in an easy and healthy vegan buffalo sauce, these are the BEST vegan buffalo burgers! Great for plant-based dinner, fully egg-free and dairy-free.
a white bowl filled with chicken stew and garnished with sour cream on top
Chickpea Stew with Sweet Potatoes
This hearty and nutritious chickpea stew is filled with flavor from ras el hanout seasoning, sweet potatoes, and fresh ginger and garlic. It comes together in just over 30 minutes and tastes amazing!
one pot vegan moroccan chickpea stew in a white bowl on a wooden table
Moroccan Chickpea Stew
This Moroccan Chickpea Stew is rich with Moroccan spices, herbs, vegetables and chickpeas. It’s perfect for a quick and nourishing meal or as part of your meal prep for the week! Deliciously easy and healthy vegan dish!
Do You Need A Quick and Easy 30 Minutes Meal
Crafting a vegan high-protein 30-minute meal is easy! Begin with protein-rich ingredients like zucchini , chickpeas, or asparagus . Mix in nutrient-packed veggies such as kale, cauliflower, and mushrooms. Cook protein and veggies together to save time. Enhance flavor with garlic, ginger, and soy sauce. Serve over quinoa or high protein pasta for a complete meal. #VeganProtein #QuickMeal #PlantBased #HealthyEating#vegan #veganrecipe #healthyliving #healthydinnerrecipes #healthtipsforhealthylife
thai sweet potato curry with white rice in a black bowl on a table next to green leaves
Thai Red Sweet Potato Curry
Make this cozy Thai Sweet Potato Curry for fall and winter dinners. It is super easy to make and comes together in under 20 minutes using simple ingredients (vegan, gluten-free).
a bowl of chickpea soup with bread on the side and text overlay that reads gluten - free easy vegan lemony chickpea soup
Lemony Chickpea Soup
This bright and fresh yet indulgent Lemon Chickpea Soup is like chicken noodle soup’s fun, hip cousin! With fresh lemon juice and dill plus a creamy chickpea puree, it’s comforting and rich yet also packed with plant protein and fiber to keep you full!
Cheesy Potato & Leek Gratin
The creamiest, cheesiest potato side dish! This delicious potato and leek gratin is loaded with a creamy cheese and leek sauce and baked in a skillet for 50 minutes until the potatoes are tender and the top is golden and gorgeous. A delicious potato side recipe for dinner parties and special occasions.