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Hey guys can you hear that? Can you hear the sound of my heart crumbling?

Attack on Titan ~ Eren & his Mom - this honestly made me cry it's so sad making me think that poor eren died I lost it and broke down in tears. No I do not have an attachment to eren, mikasa, arimin, or Levi (yes I do)

Loss is not something to be f*cked with. ~ oneway_trigger

Sasha ate because it's the only thing she equates with life, Connie joked to make up for the harsh reality that his entire family is dead, Erwin made the basement his only priority and reason to live<<This really shows what loss can do.


[Shingeki No Kyojin] Levi & Mikasa Ackerman, Isabel Magnolia & Eren Jeager, Farlan Church & Armin Arlet. just realized everything and I love it 😍😍😍

The similarities between Isabel and Eren, ACWNR

The similarities between Isabel and Eren, ACWNR>>>this is so sad Fun fact: Eren and Isabel are distant cousins

Pretty much. But I'm glad that otakus celebrate each other regardless of age. That's my take away here XD Thumbs up fam!

This happened to me on Halloween. I cosplayed as Hetalia Austria. And my friends were really confused.<<< I feel you T.

Omfg why would you do this to me!!!!!!!

MINOR SPOILER BELOW Well this would be stupid considering some of his friends can turn but this still hurts my heart Eren JΓ€ger Attack On Titan / SnK