Woody warned us…

There's a snake In my boot! -- I got to yell that once! Cuz there really was a snake in my boot!

Crazy Australian weather…

Funny pictures about Crazy Australian weather. Oh, and cool pics about Crazy Australian weather. Also, Crazy Australian weather.

Australia are you okay<<no we not ok really. Clean funny Australia weather<< in Melbourne a few days ago it was catastrophic and I was terrified

Funny pictures about The truth about scorpions. Oh, and cool pics about The truth about scorpions. Also, The truth about scorpions.

This is a fun fact - you know you're Australian when. You were learning about compasses in primary school and you were taught Never Eat Soggy Weetbix. For me in America, it was Never Eat Soggy Waffles :)<<<<- what the fuck are waffles- an aussie

Things are a little different in Australia…

Things are a little different in Australia… Molly take a photo with a kangaroo…

Things are a little different in Australia…

Hows about No (25 Photos)

Just chasing people with giant spiders. ( I am going to need to make a NOPE board for things like this. What crime could have been committed to deserve this?

37 Pictures That Prove Australia Is The Craziest


Please excuse me, while I go get a match to burn the house down . said upon finding a FREAKING big spider in one's room.

Probably Killed By a Giant Spider

Meanwhile in Australia Yeah, I’m not moving to Australia any time soon. So we’ll keep post pictures of “meanwhile in Australia…” for time being.

Photo of the Day: Gaming in Australia

Tarantulas comprise a group of often hairy and very large arachnids belonging to the Theraphosidae family of spiders, of which approximately 900 species ha. / Wow he's huge.

That's not a koala! Koalas do eat leaves but that is a Drop Bear. Drop Bears look just like Koalas but are carnivorous. They drop from teas onto unsuspecting animals and hikers LOL WELCOME TO AUSTRALIA