At 1st these were wooden and then they came out in plastic for the yo yos. I had a Duncan yo yo. But I especially loved my top.

Yoyos and spinning tops--I had the glow-in-the-dark yoyo

Vintage Tin YoYo spiral circles swirls litho 1960s metal yo yo toy Japan Patent 533107 rattles

Tin litho metal yoyo vintage toy colorful spiral circles swirls with rattle noisemaker inside. Yo Yo marked Japan and Pat.

Though its history can be traced back to nearly 500 B.C., the yo-yo didn't find mainstream success until the late 1920s,

All-TIME 100 Greatest Toys

Yo-Yo (FISH), Handmade wooden toy, Natural organic toy, Classic game

Yo-Yo (FISH), Handmade wooden toy, Natural organic toy, Classic game Whale Toy for Baby toy Wooden Toy Personalized Bowling Game - so cu.

Plastic Yo-yo Toy with Large Space for Logo, Ideal for Promotional Purposes

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Yoyo the original cent game


Day 1: What were your favorite childhood toys?

walk the dog and arounddd the world.had too many yo yos in my life

Sock Monkey YoYo

Sock Monkey YoYo