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Tips on how to save money on cars, maintenance, accessories and more.
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How to compare car insurance plans

If you want to save money on car insurance an important first step is to compare car insurance plans. Shopping for car insurance seems like it would be easy, but it actually can be quite complicate…

Car Affordability | How to drive yourself into debt

Car Affordability | How to drive yourself into debt

Gas savings | 180+ tips for saving on cars and petrol

Save money on gas, cars, maintenance, accessories, insurance and more. Change your driving habits and reduce your petrol bill.

How To Avoid Racking Up Car Costs

For many of us, our cars become our second homes. In terms of cost, cars can be money-sucking monsters. It is vitally important to rinse and repeat a few important jobs when it comes to your car.

Car insurance costs less for women. Why?

Find out why car insurance costs less for women. Discover why women are likely to save on car insurance than men, according to recent studies. Learn why this is so in the Savings Room

Auto loan payment | Don’t let interest eat up your Ikea lunch

There is no point in buying a car if you can’t afford to fill it with gas or pick your friends up in it to take them for a trip to Ikea. If you want to get a grip on those pesky little …

Save money on cars and vehicles | Lazy driving habits? Pay the price…

Life is full of little emergencies. Some are awful and others are just annoying. I’ve had a few in the last few years that have tested my well-planned budgeting tactics.

Save money on cars | Thrill of the ride

Save money on cars. Thrill of the ride. Tips on how to to save money on cars, petrol and more.

Save money on cars | Are you the crazy gas-guzzling type?

Are you the crazy gas-guzzling type? Tips on driving habits so you can save money on cars, petrol and more.

How not to save money on cars | 10 ways to burn cash

10 ways to burn cash with your car. Learn how to save money on cars, petrol and more.

Cheapest car insurance Australia | Affordable companies

If you have shopped around for the cheapest car insurance recently, you may have discovered that car insurance, is a money-sapping monster!

Buying a car | 12 tips for hassle-free haggling

Buying a car is a hassle. Discover 12 top-notch tips for buying your next car. Compare cars online, avoid scammers and learn hassle-free haggling tactics.

Money saving tips when negotiating a car loan

Guest Post: Next to purchasing a home, your car is probably the most significant purchase you’ll make. Most of us don’t have the cash to pay for a new car up front, which means it’…

Cheap car insurance and ramblings of a car-loving mother

Cheap car insurance is a noble goal but firstly I wish to discuss why my car is such a wonderful machine. Though it is a modest Ford Focus (and not my dream car – yet) it is as good as a holi…