10 handy tips for a smooth office relocation

If you’ve ever moved house you’ll know the joys (not!) of packing your life away into a hundred little boxes, lugging those belongings in and out of a truck and then unpacking them at the new desti…

Saving tips | 5 reasons to LOVE thy postie

These saving tips involve loving thy postie. I’m not talking about inviting your Postie inside for tea, talk and truffles and making him or her your new bestie. I am talking about how Po…

These mistakes can kill your business

Make your nails pop with colour and wear matching accessories!

Save money on business expenses and in the office | Get savvy with it

Save money on business expenses and in the office

Safety audits | Smart tips for saving lives at work

Penina Petersen is saving lives at work with this article on safety audits, the law and how safety audits are saving lives in the workplace.

Sanity savers | 5 management styles you should get to know

Sanity savers | 5 management styles you should get to know

Training | 4 hot tips for saving staff morale

Learning and development are an essential part of any high performing, functional workplace. They are also an essential component to keeping employees engaged and happy.

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Save your business with these three flaming hot tips from the Savings Room. Digital marketing isn't what most people think it is.

6 simple steps to staggering world savings

Little savings really add up. I’m always harping on to my kids about making sure they finish all the food on their plate. Over dinner we talk about children in the world who have little or no…

Hot tips for decluttering your office space

Running a small business is no easy task. As a small business owner you must be a jack-of-all-trades, proficient in finances, idea development, staff management and organisation.

5 savvy tips for start-ups on a shoestring

happy businesswoman holding money bag with dollar misc

Saving Business | Benefits of Brand Awareness

What is the importance of brand exposure to the consumer? The more frequently a potential buyer is exposed to your brand, the higher is the possibility of that person actually becoming a customer.

5 terrific tips for timing your next business move

If I had to document my top 10 Things I Don’t Like to Do, moving house, pest control and removing stains would be high on my list. Another item that would make it to my list would be moving a busin…

7 random business tips for Mumpreneurs

Many would-be business owners have a romantic view of business. My personal journey with business started about 10 years ago when I decided that working for a boss wasn’t for me. I was desperate to…

How to save money and win the paper war

If you work in an office or visit your letterbox consider these tips on how to save money and the Earth. Paper is everywhere. But considering our techy age, I’m shocked at the amount of paper…