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Fretboard Diagram With Note Names

Fretboard Diagram With Note Names Here's a simple example diagram showing you the names of all notes up to the 12 fret. If you don't know these yet then yes, memorizing it all this can be quite borin

Kendrick Lamar

“See the vision — Walk the path — Actualize your destination. “›› The Art of ♬ Music ››” is published by MD.v in Festival Peak

Godfather of Soul James Brown Say it Loud I'm Black and I'm Proud

James Joseph Brown (May 1933 – December was a singer, songwriter, and musician. In a career that spanned six decades, Brown moved on a continuum of blues and gospel-based forms and styles to a profoundly "Africanized" approach to music making.

100 Greatest Guitarists: David Fricke's Picks: Eddie Hazel | Rolling Stone

Eddie Hazel- legendary guitarist for Funkadelic. His guitar work in "Maggot Brain" is a case study in the power and majesty of Rock guitar. Sadly he couldn't overcome his own personal demons and was taken well before his time. Rest in Peace Eddie.