South Indian haddock and corn chowder. Made with coconut milk instead of dairy. Recipe by Anjum Anand.

Many variations of this Mexican soup exist, often featuring a spicy tomato broth with different chillies as the garnish. Our take on tortilla soup (sopa Azteca) includes chicken, queso fresco and ripe avocado.

Originating from the town of Molo – hence its name pancit Molo – this is the Filipino answer to wonton soup. This is a serious soup designed for meat lovers as it contains prawn, pork, chicken, ham and eggs.

Pumpkin soup with Chantilly and onion confit (velouté au potimarron avec du Chantilly et les oignons confits)

Rich, thick and moderately spicy, our spicy pork and miso udon noodle soup will combat cold nights. Use your preferred choice of noodle, and adjust the chilli heat to suit your own taste.

Ribollita (meaning “reboiled”) is an Italian peasant soup traditionally thrown together with leftovers then recooked for a few days in a row. Packed with goodness, it gains flavour with every boil! Listen to the audio recipe.

A staple of the Moroccan diet, lentils are widely used in many different dishes. This vegetarian lentil soup is a hearty meal in itself, but you could also add chicken or beef, if desired.

Malaysian laksa (cheat's laksa) recipe : SBS Food noodle soup with prawns, fish balls, chicken, and tofu uses vermicelli and egg noodles and coconut cream

In the Netherlands, soups are not only served as a starter but often as a main meal with bread. This upmarket soup uses yellow split peas, regarded as a luxury ingredient in the Dutch household, in replacement of the usual green variety.