French baking secrets

The French know how to combine the simplest of ingredients with classic techniques to produce something wonderful from the oven, which is exactly what makes French baking some of the most rewarding to make and eat. From chocolate croissants to cheesy soufflés, here's our pick of pastries, tarts and cakes.
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Anneka Manning’s lemon tarts. Check out our Bakeproof column for tips and recipes.

Lemon tart recipe: Sweet, creamy and mouth-puckering all at the same time.

Taking two iconic French sweet treats and marrying them into one yields crème brulee cream puffs. Thank you to Samantha at for this clever combo.

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Impress your dinner guests with this exquisite Raspberry Souffle recipe. Use individual copper pots to showcase the  lightness and flavour of this much-loved French dessert.

Try this Rasberry Souffle recipe by Chef Guillaume Brahimi. This recipe is from the show Food Safari France.

Gabriel Gaté’s plum tart (tarte aux quetches). Watch the video recipe.

Stage 8 – Nancy/Gérardmer: This recipe for home-style tart is very popular with families from the Lorraine region. Quetsch plums are a popular variety to use in this dish. You will need a 25 cm loose-based flan tin for this recipe.

Gabriel Gaté’s almond and apricot friands (financiers aux amandes et abricots). Watch the video recipe.

Almond and apricot friands (financiers aux amandes et abricots) recipe

Luke Nguyen’s bretzel. These pastries are basically an Alsatian version of the German pretzel.

Luke Nguyen's bretzel is basically an Alsatian version of the German Filled with herbs and olives, then topped with Gruyère cheese, these savoury bites are definitely worth a whirl.

Gabriel Gaté’s raspberry millefeuilles (millefeuilles aux framboises). Watch the video recipe.

These caramelised millefeuilles are out of this world! I love them with raspberries, but they can also be made with strawberries or just a custard.

Gabriel Gaté’s prune and raisin tart (tarte aux pruneaux et raisins secs). Watch the video recipe.

Prune and raisin tart (tarte aux pruneaux et raisins secs) recipe : SBS Food

Gabriel Gaté’s cheese soufflé (soufflé au fromage). Watch the video recipe.

Cheese Soufflé (soufflé Au Fromage) Recipe - w Gruyere and Emmental cheeses

Anneka Manning’s chocolate shortcrust pastry. Check out our Bakeproof column for tips and recipes.

Shortcrust pastry, when you have a good recipe, is one of the simplest and quickest pastries to make. Here, I've given lots of tips and direction about how to use and cook your pastry. This chocolate variety is perfect for sweet tarts and pies.