Snack on that: fritters

Pancake flat or fluffy like a doughnut, these sweet and savoury fritters suit any whim. Go vege with potato and pea, or indulge in a fried fruit variety.
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Apple and raisin fritters (olie bollen) recipe : SBS Food

Apple and raisin fritters (olie bollen) recipe : SBS Food. Listen to our audio recipe.

Banana fritters (buñuelos de banana) recipe : SBS Food

Banana fritters are a traditional pastry made by Latin American grandmothers. People in Argentina and Uruguay prepare them on rainy days to share with the local drink, mate, which resembles a green tea.

Prawn and tofu fritter (ukoy) recipe : SBS Food

This recipe is just one of the many variations of the Filipino fritter known as "ukoy". This version comes from Calapan and combines beansprouts, prawns, tofu and egg. Serve with a simple dipping sauce of vinegar, sugar, chilli and water.

Gabriel Gaté's apple fritters (beignets aux pommes). Watch the video recipe.

Stage 14 – Grenoble to Risoul: The valley of the southern part of the Alps provides some of the best apples in France, and apple fritters are a really popular regional winter dessert. Here is my version of this favourite recipe.

Chocolate, orange and fennel seed custard fritti recipe : SBS Food

Chocolate, orange and fennel fritti, basking in this fried custard delight thanks to