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They changed my life 💙❤️💜💚💛💗

They changed my life 💙❤️💜💚💛💗

we are whovians.

Except they didn't change my life per say. They inspired me to change my life, and still, I am forever grateful for that :)

His face alone brings me pure joy #doctorwho #davidtennant

Why am I the only one in school that knows David played Barty Crouch Jr. And that he is an awesome Doctor? Whovian out, Allons-y

Someone combined Mumford and the Doctor?! OK, I've officially pinned everything worth pinning.

I feel like I've been waiting for these lyrics to be applied to the Doctor since forever! - Lyrics from Mumford & Sons' "Lovers' Eyes"

Okay but he himself is an alien with extra, non human abilities. These guys are mostly human and they still are badass

Haha, yeah, I'd trust the Doctor over the Avengers any day with handling an alien invasion.

Eleven DOCTORS, Sheldon Cooper, not "Doctor Whos"! Any real Whovian wouldn't be caught dead using terminology that incorrect! XD

Funny pictures about Sheldon Cooper Being Sheldon Cooper. Oh, and cool pics about Sheldon Cooper Being Sheldon Cooper. Also, Sheldon Cooper Being Sheldon Cooper photos.