great for when we study our around the world geography next year!

Grade Level: Grade Art Elements: Line, Contour Line Art Skills: Observational Drawing Art History: Aboriginal Art, Australia This lesson plan helps grade students learn about contour line.

aboriginal art symbols - compare with symbols from different aboriginal groups in BC

A chart of Aboriginal peoples mapping symbols to incorporate Aboriginal culture and customs into the unit.

Provocation- Put simply, provocations provoke! They provoke thoughts, discussions, questions, interests, creativity and ideas. This activity might also be provoked by stories of the dreamtime - children could create their own story through their art.

This pin displays an activity in which is being completed in by small children. It emphasises as cultural perspective through art and allows children to contribute and explore cultures through understanding in their art, creating their own artworks.

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HeartSong Quilts offers Australian Aboriginal designer fabric arising from a heritage that goes back thousands of years.

Aboriginal Posters - Aussie Childcare Network

Ever country has a flag which represents the place and it's people. This would be a great resource to teach foundation students about Aboriginal place.