Pool with wall

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Modern architecture - Craig Reynolds landscape architect - Olivia Street garden - exterior view - tropical garden

Planter at pool edge Craig Reynolds, Key West, Landscape Design, Hardscape, pool

The Birds Nest fern, native to Australian rainforest... beautiful in the shaded garden

The Birds Nest fern, native to Australian rainforest. beautiful in the shaded garden. For under the hawthorn

Philodendron Rojo Congo Rojo Congo is a large, fast growing evergreen plant.The foliage will begin copper brown with a red tinge and as it matures turns dark green. Suitable for borders and mass planting under large trees.

Philodendron erubescens Imperial Red unfurls red-maroon leaves that become dark glossy green as they age, giving this tropical plant a lush decorative appea

Stone walls

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Bank planting

Here we have the attractive trunks of Kentia Palms underplanted with Clivia miniata. Both plants are well acclimated to Berkeley's climate.

Cycas + Trachelospermum Tricolour

Cycas + Trachelospermum Tricolour