Queering the Culture of Classical Music.
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a woman sitting at a piano in front of a microphone
Australian Lesbian composer Sally Whitwell is shortly to release her 4th studio album "i was flying". Featured, will be "Winter Love" a work dedicated to her partner, artist Glennda Blyth. Watch here - https://youtu.be/o7V1oxKWs2o
three people are playing musical instruments on stage
Xenia Jankovic and Nenad Lecic play Smyth cello sonata 1st mvt
Dame Ethel Smyth's Cello Sonata, performed by Xenia Jankovic and Nenad Lecic.
an old black and white photo of a woman
Ethel Smyth - Wikipedia
Dame Ethel Smyth DBE (23 April 1858 - 8 May 1944) was an English composer and a leader of the women's suffrage movement.