Pink Protea print A3

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The flower in my armband signifying Lunel, her friendship, the things I learned from her, etc James Day Photography - Protea

grevillea flower native to australia

Grevillea Superb - A medium shrub with large flowers in with a blend of salmon, apricot and lemon through out most of the year. Evergreen drought hardy shrubs with attractive foliage and masses of flowers. Ideal for a small hedge or scr

King Protea Stem

You're leaving part of the flower's stem for a base for more flowers like the one that you are cutting. It is crucial to be aware that flowers are usually very fragile and may have to be dyed before drying,

"Protea&Fynbos" print set by Natascha van Niekerk Fine Art Photography

"Protea&Fynbos" print set - prints (prints only) by Natascha van Niekerk Fine Art Photography

King Protea

King Protea stands for change and transformation. It signifies daring and resourcefulness. It is symbolic of diversity and courage.

palm gorgeous!

I found this gorgeous palm fragment lying in the gutter during a recent walk. A windy day casualty, it lay partially upon the curb looking like an imploring hand. I stopped to check it out, decidin…

Bright lime green 'candle' flowers of Banksia attenuata #Australian #native

Banksia attenuata [Family: Proteaceae] in Wireless Hill Reserve, Booragoon, Western Australia, with an inflorescence or flower-spike at a younger stage of development.