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The KitchenAid stainless steel Briva in-sink dishwasher is the solution those of us diehard urban and/or apartment dwellers have been waiting for

If you're looking for space saving kitchen ideas especially if you're in a small house. A dishwasher can sometimes take up a lot of space, revamp how you see it .like this sink - dishwasher combo.

Handmade Wood Toy Barn with 4 Stalls

This 2 tier barn measures L x W and Tall. It features 4 stalls, 2 on each side, and are divided by a feed trough so the animals won't go hungry. Each stall has a chain to keep the animals inside.

Wonky wall cubby

My daughter wanted a hut and this is the project from start to finish, entirely made of recycled wooden pallets. Ma fille désirais une cabane et voilà le p

With a swing or 2

Elevated playhouse with a sandbox underneath. Was modified by installing another beam for on the other side of the house for trapeze swing, rings and a tire swing.

With a slide

love the "wall climbing" Cubby House : Cubby Houses : Cubbyhouse : Cubbyhouses : Cubbykraft Australia

More manageable, but still cool ship themed cubby house! Cooooooool  IMG_0712

Part 2 of our collection of 10 amazingly awesome cubby houses. Gather ideas for the ultimate cubby house hideaway for your kids!

Insect hotel - really great for kids to make, and a fab way to teach them how important insects are to the health of your garden

Insect hotel: Invite beneficial pollinators to live in your garden and you wont have to use insecticides ever again!

A Trio of Tree Houses for the backyard?! WHAAAT?! IT GETS BETTER AS U SCROLL DOWN THE LINK! (Lucky kids!;)

Just need one more little house in the trees somewhere and then all my kids would have their own place to play, awesome!

How to check change for coins with high silver content - SHTF Preparedness

How to check change for coins with high silver content - Preparing for shtf

Welcome to Wooden Toy

Small wooden kid toy set, I love this! I am definitely making this for a potential future kid down the road. Teach them about tools from the get go!