Reminds me of Ariel

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Vogue Germany January 2016

mimohsa: “ bienenkiste: “ Melina Gesto by Julia Noni for Vogue Germany January 2016 ” mimohsa ”

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LAla Blog - Elina Gesto by Julia Noni for Vogue Germany January 2016

Vogue Germany January 2016 Model: Melina Gesto Photographer: Julia Noni Fashion Editor: Kathrin Schiffner Hair: Christian Eberhard Make-up: Lili Choi

Commune at KRASI

This fun cut is acheived by using dime size of IN Pomade mixed with a Nickle size of IN Curly Hair Serum.

the time we tried to take blurryface pictures and it didn't work

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People pleasers want everyone around them to be happy, so they'll do whatever anyone asks of them. “They put everyone else before themselves,” says Susan N


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