Bread and butter pudding (puddina)

Puddina recipe - bread, custard, dried fruit, glace cherries, chocolate - A Maltese dessert

Maltese traditional biscuit with sesame seeds

This is a recipe for traditional Maltese biscuits sprinkled with sesame seeds. It is the sort of recipe that is passed down from generation to generation, however the biscuits were originally made.

Christmas chocolate salami (romblu tal-milied bic-cikkulata)

With no added sugar, this Maltese chocolate salami uses dates, apricots and nuts for natural sweetness and crunch. With a generous hit of whisky, this is definitely a dessert for adults.

Qaghqa tal-Ghasel - christmas sweets recipes malta

These two Christmas Sweets recipes from Malta are different than your usual festive sweets. Qaghaq ta’ l-Ghasel are by far Malta’s favourite Christmas dessert. Get the recipe for Imbuljuta here too.

'Tis the season. Maltese Chestnut tarts (pastizzotti tal-qastan) - A Maltese Mouthful

'Tis the season. Maltese Chestnut tarts (pastizzotti tal-qastan) - A Maltese Mouthful

Apple and fig cake

With no butter or sugar, this gently spiced Maltese apple cake allows the natural sweetness of the fruit shine through. A dollop of whipped cream is literally the icing on the cake.

MEMORIES OF MALTA ~ Figolli (Maltese Easter Cookies) - YouTube

Figolli are a large traditional Maltese cookie made at Easter time, and are in whimsical shapes and designs.

Lenten biscuits (kwarezimal)

This recipe was popular in Malta during the strict days of fasting during Lent. Nowadays, it's also popular as an Easter sweet. Although similar to an Italian sweet, these biscuits have an oblong shape.

Mini Cannoli Cream Cups Recipe – How to Make Cannolis the Easy Way

Homemade Mini Cannoli Cream Cups via Cooking With Sugar ~ You can have the great taste of homemade italian cannolis at home without all of the hard work with this easy mini cannoli cream cups recipe. Cannoli’s are an all time favorite Italian dessert

Imqaret with Orange Blossom Ice Cream

Imqaret with Orange Blossom Ice Cream

It's state versus state as chefs Manu Feildel and Pete Evans search Australia to find the best home cooks who can.

Peach and almond crumble

This delicious crumble is a classic Maltese recipe; fresh, healthy and very easy to make. Buy peaches at their peak during summer or use any other in-season stone fruit.

Qagħaq tal-għasel (treacle rings)

10 Classic Dishes From The Island of Malta

Figolli (singular Figolla) are the typical Maltese sweet for Easter. They are prepared in batches and given as gifts to friends and family. The shape of the Figolla is traditionally an Easter related figure, but today one can buy commercially produced figolli in all shapes. See below for how to get the right shapes. This recipe on Recidemia is for preparing plain figolli, but they should always be decorated with either a chocolate covering or, more typically, with decorative icing.

A beautiful Maltese figolli, an almond cake traditionally made at Easter. Not strictly speaking growable I suppose!