DIY: Etched Wooden Spoons. No paint, so they're food safe!  |  Design Mom

The Perfect Gift: Etched Wooden Spoons DIY: Etched Wooden Spoons. No paint, so they're food safe!

Grímsvötn, Iceland.

Grímsvötn is a volcano in South-East Iceland. It is in the highlands of Iceland at the northwestern side of the Vatnajökull ice-cap. The caldera is at at an elevation of m ft). Beneath the caldera is the magma chamber of the Grímsvötn volcano.

handcrafted wooden spoons

handcrafted wooden spoons -- I think I'm as obsessed with beautiful wooden spoons as I am wicker baskets and kayaks!

brooklyn to west-ariele alasko

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daily spoon by stian korntved ruud

Daily Spoon is a unique collection of 365 wooden spoons hand-carved by Norwegian designer Stian Korntved Ruud.


You need: Wooden salad tongs, craft paint, a paintbrush or piece of foamed…

How many ways can one redesign an everyday object, like a spoon? If you’re like Stian Korntved Ruud and you create one once a day, you’d have 365 beautiful variations, which is exactly how many spoons Ruud carved for his project entitled Daily Spoon.

The Everyday Spoon, Recreated in 365 Ways

Title: Daily Spoon Material: Wood Dimesion: 365 spoons, cm long The past year Stian spent most of his time exploring the unique organic qualities of wood and how adding of a function can beautifully refine a piece of wood.