Home Library Ideas

To book aficionados like you, books are like friends worth keeping for forever. You can never have too many books as you would agree. However, your house would sometimes question your call, especially if the space you’re living in is kind of limited. So, how would you arrange your books in convenient and stylish ways? Browse these unique home library ideas and get creative.
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Books are silent creatures who would just sit quietly wherever you place them. Look for those wide slim spaces which normally appears useless like walls. Build your book colony there.

Barcelona, Spain Apartment Refurbishment in Consell de Cent * Project Selected for the FAD Awards 2012 Anna & Eugeni Bach - More Hallway Library Inspiration

If you don’t like climbing or bending down, but you still want to have a unique perspective for your home library, then take the word ‘read’ literally. Craft a ‘READ’-shaped library. It’s like having a book museum in your home.

library READ - Oh, I must ad this to my dream book case list! I will need 50 rooms just to get all of my book case ideas in!

Unique Home Library Ideas! your favorite character through your books in this nifty little corner.

Funny pictures about A reading nook in your room. Oh, and cool pics about A reading nook in your room. Also, A reading nook in your room.

Ceiling library, but this time, you can walk in front of your books. It’s like your books have turned into birds and are just perching, stationary on their positions, on top of you.

Reading room and library loft----I like the loft library idea as it saves space. Although, this particular room appears to be a family room more than a reading room!

If you want to go with contemporary design that wouldn’t disturb the room’s simplicity, you can have a geometric shelf made for you. Take this block library, for example. It goes great with the living room.

In most multistory homes, stairs connect floors. But in the Coil House, located in a quiet residential neighborhood in Tokyo, they are the floors and a series of bookshelves integrated into living spaces. Photo by: Koichi Torimura

Our ceiling can double as your library, Climb the ladder of wonders to pick your next read from this circular ceiling library. It is a fab library that you just need to have.

Having a library in your home creates a personal place, a wonderful retreat from everyday problems. If you do not have a separate room for your home library design, then creative book storage ideas wi

Your favorite character through your books in this nifty little corner.

"LIBRARY" Nook in MBR high x wide x deep). Nakishima-inspired interior by architect Tim SEGGERMAN. Functional nooks crannies are part of a revamp of a tiny 240 sq ft New York City apartment. Photo slide-show of entire apt at link.

Surround yourself with books -- literally -- while reading. This designer contemporary library will give the previous statement justice.

Bookworm Chair Dutch design firm Atelier ‘Bookworm‘ surrounds the reader with their books, wrapping around to create a seamless piece of furniture. Instead of having a separate reading chair and.

How about these creative chill reading nooks for you and your family? Here are cozy inspirations which you can get inspiration from.

Living Room Designs, Interesting Blue And Wooden Color Bookshelves In Living Room With Wall Units To Assist Storage Solutions: Cool Built In.

Put a whole new meaning to sleeping with your books through this cabin library. The top of the box is your bed and the bottom part is your mini library.

The living cube by Till Könneker I moved into a apartment studio without storage room. So i made a minimalistic cube design with a shelf for my vinyl collection, my TV, Clothes and Shoes. On the cube.