Smart Ideas for your Kids’ or Tweens’ Bedroom.  A nice twist with this unusual double deck. Aside from the design’s ability to utilize as little space as possible, it gives an offbeat aura.

Girls loft beds are always the more convenient option to save space and money. Loft beds are nothing but a pattern of bunk beds with other arrangements lik

It’s visually appealing and modern. It has everything your little lady or young man will need -- a closet, a comfortable bed and a study table.

Boys Bedroom, : Unique Bedroom Design For Small Room Space With Stripes Bunk Bed Designed With Under Bed Storage Combine With Curve Cornered Wardrobe And Desk Also Chic Chair Plus Brown Rug On The Light Brown Wood Floor

Creatively designed rooms for your tweens if you have little space. You can place a desk and a couple of cabinets under the bed. This is a new approach with an appealing contemporary design for both you and your kids.

A purple room for my purple girl! 187 Teen Room Designs To Inspire You – The Ultimate Roundup

The good thing about this design is the modification of the stairs. It’ll be easier and safer for your toddler to climb up a sturdy stair than a slim ladder.

Kids room:How To Design Kids Room Orang Kids Room Ideas With Kids Playroom Decor Also Yellow Study Desk With Book Shelf Organizer And Kids Room Bunk Bed Ideas Kids Bedroom Decorating Ideas

Transform your kids’ bedroom into a playroom. Add a slide on the bed and place their toys in there. They’ll surely never want to get out of their rooms anymore.

Free Ebook Kids Bedroom Ideas" — a great selection of the most magical and incredible kids rooms, from standard rooms for your girl to some exquisite decoration for your little boy room or even t

Your tween child might want to have a modern flair to his or her room.  Here are wonderful kids and tweens bedrooms to inspire you in planning for your own children.

Bedroom, Kids Rooms Cool Rooms Loft Bed Bunk Bed Desk Underneath Study Table Open Bookshelf Loft Bed And Logs Floor: Charming 15 Kids Bedroom Ideas

Decorate Your Kid’s Bedroom On the Cheap

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Make-your-own headboards

Kids Room Fun and Inspirations with Wood Pallets – Pallets Ideas, Designs, DIY. (shared via SlingPic)