quick easy garlic parmesan chicken with spinach... this was quick and easy. cooked egg noodles and mixed in.

quick easy garlic parmesan chicken with spinach. this was quick and easy. cooked egg noodles and mixed in. The recipe calls for 3 tbsp of butter. I did 1 tbsp butter 2 tbsp olive oil. And I didn't add noodles.

Homemade Frappuccinos... I can't believe how simple these are to make!

Homemade Frappuccino Recipe

easy-peasy-homemade-frappucino, cup strong coffee, packet pudding (about 2 tsp), ice, and any kind of milk. Blend in magic bullet until the ice is chopped. Top with whipped cream for a great inexpensive treat.

Starbucks Secret Menu Thin Mint Frappuccino! Recipe here: http://starbuckssecretmenu.net/starbucks-secret-menu-thin-mint-frappuccino/

Starbucks Thin Mint Frappuccino

Get a Tazo Green Tea Creme Frap, add Java chips, 1 pump of mocha, and of peppermint. It sounds disgusting but it tastes like happiness! The person taking your order will think your crazy, but this tastes great!

*Red Velvet Frapp* -1/2 White Chocolate/ 1/2 Reg Mocha Frapp -Raspberry syrup (1T, 2G, 3V) -Top w/ whipped cream!

Starbucks Red Velvet Frappuccino

Half white chocolate/ half regular mocha frappuccino Add raspberry syrup ( tall, 2 grande, 3 venti) Blend with whipped cream Enjoy :) Starbucks secret menu

How to make stuffed mancotti—a quick and tasty dinner that will become one of your favorites!

Quick and easy! Made this for dinner tonight. My four young children loved it and couldn't taste the spinach at all! Spinach and Cheese Stuffed Manicotti (this recipe does NOT require cooking the noodles first.SO much easier!

Chicken Ranch Pasta Recipe

Chicken Ranch Pasta 8 ounces penne pasta 1 Tablespoon butter 1 Tbsp flour 2 Tbsp dry ranch dressing seasoning mix 2 cups milk 1 cup shredded cheddar cheese cup cooked, chopped bacon 2 cups cooked chopped chicken - Click image to find more main dish Pin

Lemon & Coconut Slice - New & Improved - Conventional Method

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