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Really well re-branded package design with a with a clean and nice layout. Re-Branding Gillette, via CAP on TTL Design.

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Japanese packaging design, the picture inside the box lends a nostalgic touch to this pkg but it's the use of traditional furoshiki wrapping that sets it apart

Packaging Inspiration | #1306

Packaging Inspiration

Whoever said black is bland was wrong. These gorgeous labels make a beautiful, luxury statement.

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Love the minimal, clean feel. Minimalistic almond milk branding and packaging by Tim Jarvis for The Pressery // London's first almond milk producer PD

Exotic coffee collection by Paradise Pin by www.alejandrocebrian.com www.pinterest.com/alejandrobox:

Packaging Inspiration

Business infographic : Business infographic & data visualisation Exotic coffee collection by Paradise

♂ Creative Label & packaging design - Minimalist black and white eduardo studio

Studio Spotlight: Eduardo Del Fraile

by Eduardo Del Fraile== Packaging for a wine bottle that repeats the shape of the container but in a polygon form. It also contrast the color of the bottle inside.

Coppola: rebranding on Behance

Coppola: rebranding on Behance

Hua Tian Xie/花甜蟹 on Behance

Hua Tian Xie/花甜蟹 on Behance