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6 Tips for Taking Christmas Lunch Outdoors

Using the "reverse-sear" method, this recipe guarantees moist and evenly cooked chops. Meanwhile, the cranberry reduction makes for a perfect seasonal dish.

Summer’s coming, and so are pesky insects

Mosquito repelling essential oil blends for making citronella candles with more than just citronella oil - natural mosquito repellents.

When you build outdoor rooms, you have a couple of options in how you approach the décor. You can either work with the existing style of your house and garden to create seamless transitions between different zones, which can greatly enhance your sense of space. Alternatively, you can create something that is ... Read More @

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SPRUCE UP FOR SPRING - On the most miserable winter days, it can be hard to believe that it will ever end and we’ll be out basking in the warm again, but we’re just weeks away from spring, and planning for it is one way of beating the winter blues. Outdoor room extensions can become a little bit neglected through the colder months ... Read More @

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TOP TIPS - Patios are one of those useful, hybrid additions to a home that can make an enormous difference to the way you can use your space – for normal everyday living, and for entertaining. They’re not walled, so they’re not a room, but they’re solidly roofed, so they offer a great, weatherproof indoor/outdoor ... Read More @

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